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 Boardhost: Classic Message Board Features  
The feature list for our beta forums is coming soon!

Boardhost Classic Message Board Features

At Boardhost, we have no shortage of message board features. We offer dozens of customization options and settings to allow you to set up everything just the way you like it! The following is an outline of many of the major features of our service, however, as long as it is, it does not include them all!

We have divided this page into 8 sections, if you'd like to jump to a specific section, click the appropriate link below. Otherwise, just continue on to learn about our features!

  • Boardhost General Information

    Message Board Settings

    • Allow Polls
      Board users love polls! By enabling this option, your users will be able to include a custom poll when starting a new message, simply by providing a question, and up to 10 possible answers to that question. Anyone who views their message will be able to vote in the poll. (Don't worry, we have measures to prevent cheating in the poll too!)

    • Allow Email Notifications
      Make sure someone who posts a message comes back to read their replies! This option will place a checkbox underneath the posting form allowing that user to be notified by email of all replies to their message.

    • Allow HTML in Postings
      It's up to you. HTML enabled posts can allow your visitors to have a lot of fun, using bold, or colorful text, italics, including images, the possibilities are endless. (We have a
      Basic Message Board HTML Code Guide available too)

    • Spell Check
      Our Spell Check option is currently available only with our paid service plans. It adds a "Spell Check" link above the posting form on your board. At any time while someone is composing their message, it will open a new window pointing out possible misspellings, and showing suggested corrections. When the user is done spell checking, their original message will be instantly updated!

    • IP Address Stamping
      This can be a great way to add some responsibility to your board's users. If enabled, the user's IP address will be stamped at the top of each of their postings. You can enable full IP address display, or a partial IP address display, where only the first 3 octets will be shown (192.168.199.X might appear, for instance)

    • Spam Control
      If someone tries to flood your message board with postings, our spam control option could stop them! This option will restrict a user from posting again within the period of time you specify. For instance, you can set up spam control with a 2 minute interval, this will require a 2 minute wait between postings. The interval can be anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes, or you can choose not to use this feature.

    • Smileys
      Add some fun to your board! This is one of our most popular features. When enabled, all you'd need to do to include a in your post, is include ":)" anywhere in your message. There are 30 smiley images available, and you even have the option of having the full smiley set included underneath your posting form, so that all a poster would need to do to include a smiley is click on the one they like!
      View all smileys

    • Message search
      Add a message search box the the top, bottom, or both places on your board. Your visitors will instantly be able to find posts by keyword, or by entering the name of a poster who's messages they'd like to find.

    • Message Counter
      If you'd like, you can show everyone how many times each posting on your board has been viewed. Choose from a graphical, or text based counter to be displayed underneath each posting.

    • Choose your Date and Time Format
      Prefer August 15, 2006 or 8/15/2006? How about even 15/8/2006? Not a problem! How about time? Prefer 2:46 PM or 14:46:22? It's up to you!

      Want the current time shown on the top of your board? It's as easy as checking a box.

    • Choose your Time Zone
      Our Time zone offset option allows you to choose the exact time zone you'd like your board to operate in.

    • Suspend Board Activity
      At any time, you can choose to suspend all activity on your board. New messages will not be permitted with this option enabled, however you can still make administrative posts and replies (more information below). Some of our users have this option enabled at all times, so they can just use their board to post announcements or news. You can also choose to only permit replies. This could permit you to start new threads using administrative posts, but still allow anyone to reply.

    • Remember Poster's Name and Email address
      Tired of typing your name and email every time you want to post? With this option enabled, you won't have to, the board will "remember" you! (and all of your board users)

    • Easy Link and Image Posting
      Don't want to bother with HTML? Don't worry, you can enable "Link" and "Image" fields for postings to your board. The link field will make a link, all you have to do is provide the URL, and optionally a title. The image field allows you to include the URL of an image to automatically include in your posting. You can add as many links and images to a posting as you'd like.

    • Remove Name and Email Fields
      Don't like asking visitors for their name and email address? No problem, removing the email field is simple, but to remove the Name field, you have to have password protection installed on your board, and their login username will be used instead (more info on password protection below)

    • Response Link Options
      When someone is viewing an individual message on your board you can show links to just the replies to that message, or show the visitor links to the entire thread, for easy navigation, with the current message highlighted.

    • Threads Per Page
      You don't want your message board to take forever to load, so we let you choose how many threads will appear before they are moved to an additional page of your board. This limit can be as small as 5 threads, or up to 200 threads on each page of your board. There will be page number links placed on the top and bottom of your board, and you can choose whether they are aligned to the left, or right side.

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    Thread Display Options

    Password Protection Options

    Message Board Customization

    Message Board Control

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