Message Board Ad-Free Service FAQ

How long will it take until my payment is applied to my board?

With both our credit card and Paypal payment option, your payment will be processed within 5-10 minutes of your order being placed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for mail-in check payments.

Will you automatically bill my card when my purchase expires?

Only if you choose to enroll in automatic credit card payments. Otherwise, you may purchase a 30, 90, or 180 day term for your board at any time. Any days purchased will be added to your remaining days, viewable at any time by logging into the administration area for your message board.

Will I be allowed to place my own banners on my board?

Yes! Customers paying for their board are welcome to place their own advertisements at any time, by placing the appropriate HTML code into their header or footer areas.

What are these message limits?

The message limit refers to the maximum number of messages that can be stored on your board at any time. When your board exceeds this limit, the oldest thread will automatically be removed.

I have a free board, will I lose any messages or settings if I purchase a plan?

No, you can choose and upgrade to any plan and the only thing that will change is the removal of all advertising and the increased message limit.

I am in the middle of my paid term. I want to change my service plan right now, how can I do that?

Please visit the service plans page and select the plan that you would like to convert to. Choose any payment term, any payment method, and enter your username. At this point, our system will prompt you to convert your board and adjust the number of days remaining in your current term (either more or less days depending on which plan you are converting to). After such, your board will be instantly converted. You do not need to continue with the original purchase that you selected, however, you can if you like.

If I already have purchased a plan for my board, can I just add more days to my term here?

Yes! Please continue with your purchase.

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